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Holy Roller Swing

Can't you just see it? A church in full swing worshiping GOD, dancing in the isles, and having a spirit filled party?

One day, I was inspired to write down these lyrics as they came pouring into my head. The song was literally written in fifteen minutes, which is rare for a writer. I took the song to my producer and he fell off of his chair laughing saying "I MUST" put the song on the upcomng album, Life's a Ride. I told him I would go home and pray about it over night, as I was concerned about offending church members or distancing non-believers. As I left the studio, I found myself stuck in traffic on a overpass for at least ten minutes. Finally the traffic was opened up by a semi- truck coming towards me. It was all lit up with lights and it had a huge cross on the front grill, and it said, THE HOLY ROLLER.

For real. This really happened!

So if God can have a sense of humor, so can we. :)

With Joy,

Carol Frazier

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