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The Sing Zone Method Course

Learn how to sing your favorite songs with this easy online course for all ages and abilities.


Learn basic techniques, vocal skills, and placement zones so that you can sound good singing any style 

of music! 

Available for FREE here at - visit The Sing Zone Method on the HOME page. 

Overcome Stage Fright and Heal Performance Anxiety Course

Join Carol Frazier in this three part mini-series to overcome stage fright and heal performance anxiety, with a three step holistic method.


We all have struggled with performance anxiety, and this simple, easy series comes with a private coaching call with Carol Frazier so that your healing journey

can start immediately.

Email me at for more information and easy access to the mini-course. 



Artist Development & Management 

For Creative Visionaries that are ready to take their career to the next level. A Hybrid Group Program that gives you 1:1 Artist Management and Team Support with a creative community of artists.  

Perfect if you are tired of flying solo, need a direction and a team to help your grow your creative business. Also perfect if you are finally ready to START your vision and make your dream a reality! 

Is it time to create time to create? 

Let's talk! Click the link below for a complimentary consultation.

Email me at to learn more! 

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Join The
The Carol Frazier Studio

Free Online Group for Creatives! 

We all need community, especially creative entrepreneurs; because we tend to isolate while in our creative process. 

This free group is designed to help you meet other creatives who speak your own creative language, get inspiration, accountability, and a place to let others know what you're up to in your multi-passionate world of creativity. 


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