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Are you playing?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Hi creatives! Are you playing these days? As in, taking time to be silly, explore, and have fun? I know that in my life, if I forget to play, then I get too much in my "head" and loose my joy. It is easy to take life way too seriously. And sometimes, life can become very "serious" .... with real demands and extenuating circumstances. However, even during these times in our lives, playing will be our breath of fresh air.

I get to play with my grandkids. All thirteen of them! There is no way to stay in my head if I literally get down on the ground and play hide and go seek. Children can teach us adults so much about being present and bringing laughter back into our lives. My other "go to play mate" is my dog! He lives to play, and reminds me daily about his needs to romp around the house and play "catch me". But, I also recognize that as summer slips by so quickly that I don't schedule my own play time. For example I love to be on the water ... in any form: boating, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, floating, and river rafting.

What is your favorite play activities? How can you schedule it in? How can you give yourself permission to be silly, let go, relax, and play? Let me know in the comments below how you plan on playing this summer!

Be Silly, Let Go, and Play! - Carol

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