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Have You Gone Down The Rabbit Hole?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We have all heard it before. Do you. Be you. Live authentically.

But how often have you been enticed down that promising rabbit hole to find yourself in an Alice in Wonderland nightmare, where you become so small that you quite possibly lose yourself? Or maybe you become so big that you lose sight of what matters. What rabbit holes have you gone down lately? Why do we even go down them in the first place?

Usually it’s the promise of fame, money, or promised dreams. And to be honest, it takes a brave person to dive headfirst into a dream.

If this is you, or has been you in the past, congratulations on your bravery! It takes many failures to be successful.

In reality, when you walk away from your true calling, it can become a serious problem. You know, you’ve taken a job, stepped into a relationship, bought an expensive course, or any other risk that literally took you in a direction that ended up being unhealthy. Not just that, but it added serious friction to your being. It’s normal to get sidetracked, especially if you are a creative. We tend to be so hopeful and curious. However, when it pulls you from your innermost gifting game and purpose, it can literally sap the life from your soul.

How can we learn faster? How can we listen sooner? How can we escape back to ourselves quicker? By listening and trusting ourselves. You already know. You already feel the answer inside of you. You know you. My favorite verse in the Bible is, "I am that the am" . After all, you are you. You are who your true essence is.

Sometimes we need a reminder of who we are. We need that trusted inner circle, that one friend. Who is that one trusted friend in your life? Call and ask this question, can you me five positive descriptive words that define me? Another exercise is to grab a piece of paper. Write down - my name is ..... and then let your energy flow. Write down all of your talents, best qualities, and individual authentic gifts. You will find yourself somewhere on that page. Also, there is the self check of listening to your body. Literally stop and listen. Feel and pay attention to what your body is telling you. One of my favorite books for this is Louise Hays, Heal Your Body. In fact, I keep her Heal Your Body App on my phone for quick referral and healing affirmations.

Once you find yourself, or remind yourself of who you are, then it becomes easier to come out of the rabbit hole. And soon, you may just walk on by that tempting deviation from your true self and say "no thank you". Soon, you will know yourself and trust yourself. In the meantime.... just listen sooner!

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Photo credit: Victor Larracuente

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