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Don't sing pop music in a theater voice!

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Do you have a favorite style of singing or a favorite song? Are you able to sing it in the voicing or resonance placement that makes your voice sound perfect for the style of music you love? For example, have you ever heard someone try to sing a pop song with a theater voice or even worse, in a classical opera voice? It just sounds wrong. And a pop voice won't cut it on stage. You need more power in your voice, found in a theatrical voicing.

I was trained as a classical singer and studied opera in college. I loved singing Italian Arias. However, when I went to write and record original pop-jazz tunes, I had to unlearn a lot of my classical training. Most of the training was extremely helpful, but I needed to change my vocal placement, or what I like to call my vocal zone to a more forward placement in my jazz and pop zones.

This first-hand experience of working with vocal coach Scott Martin ( he trained Hootie and the Blowfish and Nacy Martin to name a few... ) helped me learn how to find different resonance areas to place my sound so that I could sing in an authentic forward pop sound.

After teaching voice for over twenty-five years, I have a firm conclusion that most singers have a natural default voice. They naturally sing in a certain genre, but when asked to switch to another genre, they are unable to make the switch. Learning how to easily switch and blend your voice between zones can help you overcome the default voice.

I put together an easy method of coaching singers that enabled them to sing past their natural default voices and helped them sing any song with the correct placement. It is called The Sing Zone Method. I am giving away free copies of my book this week.

Happy Singing,

Carol Frazier

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