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Why get help?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Delegation is hard for those of us that want to control everything. Admitting that we need help and that our strengths aren’t enough to cover every base is sometimes humbling and difficult to surrender. However, once we do admit that we need help, and surrender to focusing on our strengths we find renewed energy and focus,

I am writing this blog today while a cleaning crew is blasting through my house doing deep cleaning. I have put this off for months post Covid, telling myself that I can do it all: business, family, career, health, sleep, play, relationships and cleaning. During Covid lockdown we found how very handy and capable we were with extra time at home. But if you are like me, when the world opened up again, I found myself trying to be all and do all.

Where are you holding resistance to getting help? Honestly take an inventory of your life and time and write down three areas where you can stretch and ask for help. At the same time, write down three areas that you excel in. What could you produce or accomplish with your strengths? It’s very simple math, We all have 24 hours in the day. We have hopes, dreams and visions for our life. If we hold too tightly on to doing it all ourself then we won’t be able to become our best self.

At Carol Frazier Studio, we help creatives and creative entrepreneurs find their strengths and then we help them hire help. A team beside you while you reach for the stars is the magic dust you need. Book a free consultation to talk about how you can ask for help. Just click the contact page and say "help"! Or click here to apply for artist management:

With love and encouragement!

Carol Frazier

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