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Create Time to Create

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

I know, as creatives, we cherish spontaneity and the ability to create when it feels right.

But what about the times that it doesn’t feel right? Or when life and family demands take over our and we never even get our projects started?

How would it feel to have time to create? How would it feel to realize your dreams?

Hi, I’m Carol Frazier and I’m an artist development coach and manager. I help people like Susan, envision her recording project, write her songs, hire producers and musicians, deal with all of the many details that go into a life time dream, follow through with her dream, and get her music out to the world. I am also a recording artist, author, artist and busy mom and grandma, so I am very familiar with how quickly time can get ahead of us. And how easy it is to not make the time and space for our own creativity.

Creative expression needs space, and breathing room to grow and become a tangible product. Just thinking and dreaming of doing it isn’t going to make it create itself. And although I believe that creativity is an energy form within itself, I strongly believe we have to create the time to create. Think about it as a date with your husband or best friend. You would plan and set aside the time for this date. You would possibly even prepare for the date by getting all glammed up. You are coming to the time you have set aside with excited anticipation, knowing you get to spend time with someone you love. Spending time with creativity gets to be the same type of event in your life.

So how do you create time to have a date with your creativity? First, get out your calendar and write in your creative dates. Literally block out this time and let your family, and loved ones know that you are having a date with your creativity. Plan extra time prior for preparations for your date. Buy your paints, prepare your writing space, lease the dance hall, book a recording studio. I suggest even creating a sign that says, On My Creative Date! Make a email and text auto response and turn off notifications. I have even gone as far as planning and going on creative retreats by myself. I hold creative retreats once or twice a year for my clients and I make sure that my creators get inspired, uninterrupted time to create. We might all be in the same space, but we have dedicated quiet time to allow creativity to flow. It’s an amazing beautiful experience.

If I can support you in your creative journey, reach out to me. I like to believe I am a muse, that has come from a long lineage of muses. I can help you create time to create.

Visit to apply for a free consultation to discuss your creativity and map out creative dates so that you can realize that dream!

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