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SING Finale



You have finished The SINGING ZONE METHOD Course! 

I have been extremely blessed to be able to bring you this course, and even though we are ending the course, we don't have to say goodbye!


I would LOVE to have you leave comments and reviews of what you learned and how the SINGING ZONE METHOD has helped you improve. I would also like to hear what it is you would like to learn in SINGING ZONE METHOD Advanced and SINGING ZONE METHOD for Kids! We are currently building those programs and it's YOU, my students, who let me know what it is you want to learn.

If you would like to have a PRIVATE Voice Lesson, you can visit: 


I like to make appointments available to my SINGING ZONE METHOD students both online and in The Carol Frazier Studio. 


If you wish to audition for my artist development and management program, send me a email at .


I hope you can continue to grow as a performer and speaker and my team and I are very grateful that you joined us on your journey!


I hope to hear from you soon!


Love and Light,

~Carol Frazier

Carol Frazier



Carol Frazier is a composer, songwriter, jazz recording artist, actress, vocal and artist development coach, author and speaker. She is known for her world jazz fusion, swing, and smooth jazz. Combined with her inspirational lyrics and compositions, Frazier performs to varied audiences from music festivals, theaters and churches. Her creative work has spanned from five original music albums to compositions for Film, TV, Shorts, Music Videos, and Musical Theater. Frazier’s music can be heard on the Carol Frazier station on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Google Play and more streaming platforms. For more information, visit

You Rock!

You made it through The SINGING ZONE METHOD course with Carol Frazier!


What's next? 


You have more available to you at including options for private voice lessons, online voice lessons and Master Classes with Carol Frazier.

Do you want to sport SINGING ZONE METHOD products? Are you super proud of how far you have come and want to wear a SINGING ZONE METHOD t-shirt or grab one of the SINGING ZONE METHOD water bottles? Then, visit to see all of the products that can support you as a singer.

Join the Private Facebook Group Carol Frazier's SING ZONE METHOD. This is a place just for SINGING ZONE METHOD students to showcase your singing, ask questions, interact with Carol on Facebook Live Lessons and more! 


Interested in SINGING ZONE METHOD Advanced? Send Carol an email to get on her email list for the advanced SING course coming out soon! 


Thank you again for investing in yourself! 


Sing a little every day, and you will experience tremendous growth!


Thank You!


Great Job! Keep Singing!

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