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Welcome to Carol Frazier's

The Sing Zone Method

Learn to Sing All Styles of Music

Welcome to the Singing Zone Method vocal course! Congratulations on making an investment in yourself and connecting to your voice!

I’m Carol Frazier, your Vocal and Artist Development Coach for this series. I am a professional singer, recording artist, lyricist, and composer. I have been teaching voice lessons for over thirty years and now with my added Artist Development Agency, I am able to deliver a wealth of information to you in this series.

I recommend that you go through the modules from beginning to end. Each series of videos builds upon itself setting you up for success. I will deliver small lessons that you will be able to master before moving on to the next video.


Thanks again for trusting me with your time and making an investment into your voice. Your voice is the window to your soul, so learning how to use it effectively will enhance all of your communication.

At any time you wish to connect with me to have a private online or studio lesson, you can reach out to me on my website at


So, get ready to have fun, be silly, try new things, and find your voice!

Let’s get started!


~ Carol 

Download the PDF document at the beginning of each lesson for more content. Available within the download are illustrations to support your lessons. 


Carol Frazier



Carol Frazier is a composer, songwriter, jazz recording artist, actress, vocal and artist development coach, author and speaker. She is known for her world jazz fusion, swing, and smooth jazz. Combined with her inspirational lyrics and compositions, Frazier performs to varied audiences from music festivals, theaters and churches. Her creative work has spanned from five original music albums to compositions for Film, TV, Shorts, Music Videos, and Musical Theater. Frazier’s music can be heard on the Carol Frazier station on Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Google Play and more streaming platforms. For more information, visit


Great Job! Keep Going!

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