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Carol Frazier gives the audience the chance to participate in the conversation that happens on stage. She knows how to translate her own experience through music and make you feel like you have been right there with her the whole time.-Taylor Mesplé

Carol Frazier is a singer songwriter that has inspired jazz audiences worldwide with her silken melodies and poetic lyrics. Frazier has made a career of surrounding herself with the A-Team in jazz virtuosos, including Don Grusin, Taylor Mesplé, Eric Gunnison, Darren Rahn, Nelson Rangel, Alex Nekrasov, Larry Thompson, Mark Simon and more!

Carol’s creativity is the heart of her multi-faceted career. As a creative coach, she is able to bring an experience above great music, including dance, comedy, and audience interaction. The Carol Frazier Band has headlined for festivals and theaters regionally in Colorado, also crossing borders to perform in the UK, and Italy.

Favorite shows for Carol include a concert for Bridgeway with Don Grusin, Nelson Rangel, Mike Marlier and Bijou Barbosa which showcased a co-written song between Frazier and Grusin. Frazier has fond memories of being an opening act for Sister Sledge and Patty Griffin in Beaver Creek, CO., besides headlining for Beaver Creek Resorts for several years.

Of course, singing ‘Misty’ for Clint Eastwood at his Mission Ranch in Carmel by the Sea is a highlight, along with her show at Pebble Beach with the Brubeck Brothers. Frazier has performed several live radio shows, including KUVO’s Jazz station. Theatre performances include The Lincoln Center, The Rialto, The Union Colony Center, The Edna Griffen Center, and The Betty Ford Theatre among others. Her music can be heard several CD compilations, along with her own two previous records that can be found at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby.

Her music combines old and new with strength and vulnerability to hold and entertain audiences of all ages.

  1. To inspire, promote and protect
  2. To be a guidepost for others who are experiencing life’s transitions
  3. To serve mankind – particularly women and children
  4. To love and honor the creative experience
  5. To recognize that harmony and discord serve one another
  6. To find beauty in the experience of living life to its fullest potential
  7. To instill compassion in others
  8. To see each person who supports me and my work as a blessing and treat them with respect, kindness, and sensitivity for her individual situation.
  9. To move people to find their creative selves

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